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City Fenestration- Soft Views





City Fenestration (Soft Views), 2021

Curtain Providing Apposition Compound Vision with Fluid Motion



This project aims to explore and compare various inside-outside boundaries, including the skin (body-environment) and architecture (indoor-outdoor). Similar to the development from traditional wall-based windows to ergonomic building fenestration in contemporary architecture, this installation includes a self-developed soft translucent membrane as window curtain that generates a fluid compound-vision. Like the octopus skin that can collect light rays from different directions of its surroundings, and achieve a camouflage effect.

This project employed the principle of camera obscura in micro-scale,  aimed to provide extra pleasure for the audience in appreciating window views. This creative interface with self-developed structure will function as a playful and educational medium to further enrich the user experience in architectural fenestration in the city. This soft-membrane with its self-developed optical structure, brings new visions to appreciate nature and release tension in urban life. Since the work is made in a durable and touchable standard with a participatory inviting setting, people of all ages can enjoy the work in a manner suitable to their interaction modes.


This project’s creative concept was successfully granted in a HK patent application under patent number 30028283 on 29 January 2021 (Inventor: Zoie So). The further development of this project is supported by Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative, OSL, with four project members: Cherry Chan Ka Yee, Kaitlyn Li Ka Wai, Karl Chan Chak Lam, and Lily Chan Siu Wan involved.

Concept Keywords: Windows as Media, Eyes-Window, The Window of Soul, Inside/Outside, Ergonomic Windows, Insect Camouflage in Nature, Camera Obscura, Environmental Aesthetics

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