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Emotive Expressions


Performance, 2012




The interactive performance explores the ideologies of emotive expressions within a physical, elastic and network system. Choreographers will work with the two kinetic and digital structures, where they synthesize into a mise-en-scene. This aims to enunciate a multimedia choreographic form arose from reflective practice, extracted data from Internet and dialogue from live audience.


Mediated Facial by Zoie SoThis interactive piece is a "human face" in the form of a self-designed weaving system. The elastic system allows more than two-hundred "muscles" to join action to form rich facial expressions. This indirect manipulation of emotional expression is a metaphor of how techno-forms of all kinds pull the strings of our everyday communication and personal expression. Choreographers will interact with the woven system by pulling the ropes that may control the expression of the mediated face during the performance.


Co-creators: Hugo Lee, Zoie So & Winnie Soon

Choreographers: Alz Ng

Music: Sam Au Yeung

Lighting: James Wong & Frieda Luk

Location: Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery, 2/F Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building, Lingnan University

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