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Floral Play 重塑花影


Installation [Projector, Sanded Glass, Stainless Steel Structure, Silver, Diamonds], 2012




Floral Play is an installation which embodies the implementation of optical effects. The work comprises a sculptural part and an image projection. The sculptural part features stainless steel, silver and diamonds in a plant-like form. The projected “bauhinia blakeana/ bauhinia variegate” image is actually composed of the reflections of the metallic sculpture in the backdrop. It is an attempt to emphasize the complexity hidden behind a single image and to celebrate the beauty of physical details.


Extended reference:The undistinguishable projected image of “bauhinia blakeana” or “bauhinia variegate” symbolizes the complicated Hong Kong identity. As bauhinia blakeana is the city flower of Hong Kong, almost all Hong Kongers have been educated to how to distinguish “bauhinia blakeana” and “bauhinia variegate” since a young age. The difference between the two is more than merely characteristics, it also implies the process of distinguishing the fake from the real, developing a sense of identity and belonging. After Hong Kong’s handover to the Mainland China in 1997, the image of bauhinia blakeana has been widely used as the emblem and flag of Hong Kong, making it more of a token of cultural identification to Hong Kongers.The Chinese naming of bauhinia blakeana is not coherent among Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The discrepancy perfectly reflects the difference in culture and identity. Should national identity be more than words on a passport, but a sense of belonging?





洋紫荊花是香港市花,大部分港人從小被教育如何分辨洋紫荊與宮粉羊蹄甲,這可不只是兩花之別,當中多少隱藏著一種真假、自我與他者之別的潛意識培育。九七年香港回歸祖國,洋紫荊花更成為香港特區區旗與區徽的圖像,讓此花於港人更具意義。洋紫荊、艷紫荊、紅花羊蹄甲分別為中港台三地為此花定下的不同名稱。一花之名, 兩岸三地各有表述,文化同異頓時昭顯。近年因居港權的問題激發了一系列的本土活動與排外情懷。香港身份多種複雜,並非可簡單以血脈分辨,誰是港人? 是否一紙文件可辨?還是一份歸屬感可述?

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