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Mirror Box, 2015



This artwork has been made for an exhibition in connection to the anniversary celebration of my secondary school. A transparent box traps a mist that condenses into water drops. These fragile and ephemeral drops magically linger in place, spelling out the word "friends", like traced by a finger on a mirror. The work contributes to my reflection on schooldays friendship when we wrote “Friendship Forever” on our graduation books. Did we really understand the word “Forever” at that age? Did this dream come true precisely because we were young and unrealistic?


這是為中學母校周年慶藝術展而創作的作品。在一個密封的透明箱裏,用手指在霧氣上寫着 "Friends"的文字,本應流動萬變的水氣狀態,頓時凝住。當年大家曾經在多少本紀念冊上衷心寫着「友誼永固」的字句?當時的我們又可懂「永遠」的意義? 年輕的赤誠青澀,造就了今日我們的堅靭的友誼,隨着年月成長,現在的我們還真的敢說永遠嗎?

Friendship Condensation 友愛凝聚






Friendship Condensation
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