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Glimpses  一瞥‧感‧動






Video Installation(錄像裝置), 2014




A glimpse could be eternal, creating an experience that you don’t want to or don’t know how to forget. The impact of a glimpse could be deeply imprinted inside our bodies and become a part of them. A simple glimpse can incite millions of neurons, firing at nearly the speed of light and triggering electrical and chemical impulses, before we can figure out what it is we have glimpsed.


An abstract video animation layered with several water channels shaped like a biological neural network depicts the bustle of neural transitions stimulated by a human glance. The flow of water and its droplets function as liquid optical lenses. Each water droplet can be seen as a miniature liquid sculpture in morphing form or even as a mini-monitor of a few pixels, sparkling with the enlarged RGB sub-pixels. It illustrates the elegance and delicacy of microscopic co-ordination and communication within the human body.


Many comparisons are made in neuroscience between the speed at which neurons transmit signals and the speed of a computer processor. Some estimate that, if they were likened to a computational processor, human neurons can transmit around one trillion bits per second. The digital order and its combinations displayed through the water lens and embodied in the organic flow of water reveal the co-existence of various speeds at the physical, biological, electrical, digital, macro and micro levels.







近年,神經科學發展神速,神經細胞訊號傳送之速亦被與電腦運算的速度相比。據科學家估計,神經細胞傳輸之速大約為每秒一兆位元。速度之快,當並非直觀可感,卻是直觀本身。透過水之鏡片觀賞數碼之序,冠以神經細胞之狀,動以流水之態,將一種本來微不可觀、快不可感的狀態呈現。讓觀眾思考一份揉合了物理、生物、數碼角度的多重速度,同時享受宏觀與微觀世界之美。  儘只一瞥,無窮-感-動 。


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