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LSD ||| Liquid Soap Display


Installation [Kinetic structure, Bubble Soap Solution, Projectors], 2012

Location: Theatre, Ptuj, Slovenia




I am on the search of my own art language. This is a search of the right combinations of substance that embody my voice and the spirit of my living sphere. I need a language that leads me to learn more and express better. Working with the basic nature of light, observing how light source converts variously on different material surfaces, building my own image machines all together make me feel grounded. In this piece LSD (named as a deviation from a sophisticated market product, LCD monitor), I employ bubble soap solution as a light reflector in which: the flow of the liquid membrane, the subtle change of material thickness are made notable in hue variation. My paint brush and pigments are revived in the form of my image machines. The final “moving images” are specific to the real-time physical existence under on-site conditions, such as humidity, temperature, wind flow, etc. When the thickness variation plays the control of color expression, “form” melts into “color”, two properties are unified into one. Moreover, the projected planetary graphics and sound design play a tribute to the phases of the Moon, the reflective lunar soil and its eternal beauty.


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