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Microscopic Vision 顯‧微


Mixed Media, Animation [Self-designed microscope with Video Monitor], 2011




Microscopic technology allows us to observe many tiny structures and activities which are not originally visible to the naked eye. The magnified images of plants, body cells, and structural diagrams of delicate electronic devices show us the hidden and ordered structure of things which are easily failed to notice in our everyday operational needs. Through this enhancement of the human vision, we extend our ability to appreciate nature and things in our world by adding an alternative perspective, more focused on subtle details. Such new forms of vision lead us to pay attention to the consequences generated by unseen orders, to understand the physical properties of virtuality. The dependence on metaphoric operations of many digital interfaces sometimes isolates the electronic equipment from other substances in this world.It emphasizes the original texture of the underneath structure of an electronic monitor display,a micro-pattern from which a high-definition digital image emerges. It is like placing a butterfly specimen under the microscope,instead of seeing the scale-structure of the wings, but this time by looking at the texture of what makes it possible to see the butterfly on a screen.



於顯微鏡下欣賞蝶影標本,從表像回歸物理本體,蝶影下不再是單色鱗片細胞而是數碼像素結構。從虛實對換,遠近時空交錯同一件事用不同的框架,用不同的距離看感覺可以很不一樣。光學技術令我們可看到原本看不見的美麗,超越自身能力的限制,看到更遠的、更微小的。各種植物切面的特寫、身體細胞的顯微圖像、各種精密儀器的結構圖,提醒著我們萬物有序,無論看見的與看不見的都很精彩。這些憑肉眼不能直觀的美麗事物與精巧設計 均表現出微型世界獨有的質感與色彩。


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