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Photosynthesis in Motion  葉一片‧光合動態


Stainless Steel Coated with Styrene Paint, 2012

Public Art- Sculpture, Tamar Park, Hong Kong

1.8m (W)x 4.4m(L) x 1.5m (H)




Magnified leaf /Microscopic vision, Moiré illusion/Solid form, Static/Motion, they are all together creating unique spatial experience and artistic perceptions in-between contraries. Thus, it inspires appreciation for the details of the greenery around, further nurturing green minds.


On the lush Green Carpet, we will place an oversized sculptural leaf next to a pathway. The motion effects caused by the Moiré illusion between the leaf veins lively represent the numerous perpetualmicro-activities taken place inside a leaf. Photosynthesis, one of the most important micro-processes of energy interchanges in the eco-system. The magnified leaf makes us feel smaller. The human-leaf spatial relation is inverted and it suggests a humble approach from us towards nature.


Iconic Recognition

In our nature, uncountable leaves are doing photosynthesis like solar panels, converting energies for the eco-system. The shape of the giant leaf is modeled from the leaf’s shape of Chukrasia Tabularis, which will scattered around at the Green Carpet. Placing the giant leaf on the Green Carpet depict the invisible micro-activities in the plants. At night, there is a moderate light released from the tip of stem, in a smooth progressive phase. It depicts the peaceful energy delivered from the leaf to the invisible virtual part of the rest of the plant, representing the micro-intangible energy conversion in nature with the artistic arrangement.


Aesthetic Perception

Static/Motion, Virtual Moiré illusion/Concrete form, Wavy organic pattern/Parallel lines, Magnified leaf size /Micro-vision, they are all together creating an unique spatial experience to the audience, unstabilizing their perceptions between contraries.



物料: 不銹鋼、光面瓷漆

創作概念: 葉片雕塑把光合作用的能量活動放大並重現。動態波紋、虛實交錯,表現出人類與自然環環相扣,生生不息的關係。

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