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Toys+Joys 童年不是平面的


Interactive Installation[Self-developed Bubble machine and Projection System],2009




We are inborn players. Every accessible object could be our toy. Just a straw plus a small cup of soap solution already made one of the classic toys and have brought us many joyful moments. Countless colorful variations on the bubble surfaces flow through different family generations. Not until this decade, digital game consoles/ computers are ubiquitous. The physical flatness of display monitors aroused my vagary of constructing a simple, tangible and interactive image display. It was latterly made possible and vivified by the properties of bubble soap.



從孩童們的臉上,我看到遊戲機顯示屏泛出的光。這是他們的玩具,也是他們的童年。千變萬化,上天下地,隔著一塊視屏,在平面世界樂而忘返。 我特地為他們造了一件玩具,將我最愛的泡泡玩意與影像投影合二為一,以流動的泡幕與七色幻變的圖像打造一個可和爸媽分享的遊戲平台。 玩具將改寫未來。

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